Help us support The Ronald McDonald House's #dollarsfordinner campaign. This month, 10% of the proceeds from every 10-pack purchase will go towards Dollars for Dinner, and you'll get two free classes to boot.


New Clients / Unlimited

Our monthly unlimited plan includes full access to all class types (excluding special events and Cause Rides).

First Class
Your first session is on us


Monthly Unlimited
Special offer - first month only $75


New Client 3-Pack
expires in 1 month


New Client 10-Pack
expires in 3 months


Class Packs

If your schedule is less predictable, class packs offer the flexibility to book classes as you are available.

Single Session
expires in 1 month


5-Session Pack
expires in 3 months


10-Session Pack (+2 free)
expires in 6 months


20-Session Pack
expires in 9 months


Never miss a special offer

Never miss a special offer